What’s His Background?

A native New Yorker, Tony has been giving intuitive counseling sessions (group and individual/meditation meets) on the East and West coast for over twenty years, and has been prominently featured in printed media (from Marie Claire Magazine to The New York Times), radio and television shows. At an early age, he was drawn to the life and legacy of Edgar Cayce, and he first became aware of his own psychic abilities in adolescence. Tony is interested in the work of healers like Marianne Williamson, Dan Millman and Caroline Myss. He also feels a strong kinship to the deep spiritual investigations of Joseph Campbell and Andrew Harvey. Recently, Tony has taken their inspiration and quest further by offering workshops with people like therapist and shamanic counselor Nancy Arann.


Although every session with Tony is tailored to your specific needs and unique individuality, the process of Tony’s approach involves the same loosely structured format with each respective client. When you meet Tony for the first time, you will spend a few minutes getting acquainted. He then intuitively “sketches” you on a sheet of paper. The sketch is a line drawing of what Tony “sees” when he looks at and/or listens to you, and constitutes the initial overview of the session, a general placing (profile) of where you are at this point of your life. The kind of information Tony receives from the sketch includes how open you are to your spirit guides, the degree to which you are in touch with both your internal and external abilities to communicate, how well you are allowing abundance to flow into your life, and any physical problems that are manifesting. Once Tony has completed his interpretation of the sketch, he will start a reading that delves deeply into pressing issues and concerns that engage and burden you, but also unveils pending joys as well as potential achievements and growth. Often during this key phase of the session, your guides will intervene with questions or suggestions. Sometimes, for a period of time, a session can be focused on a single dilemma or a particularly confusing question, which will prove key to the bigger picture of your development.

Tony encourages you to make a recording of your session, which allows you to relax without having to take notes. (You can bring a recorder or a smartphone with voice memo app. to record your in-person session, and you can use your computer or another recording device to record your phone or Skype session.) This recording will help you to revisit your exchange with Tony months or and even years later, and will serve as your support to reinforce the findings of your session.

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